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A presumptive drawing of Maussoleon

A presumptive drawing of Maussoleon

Moor at Palmarina Bodrum, hop in the car and lose yourself in the history of the ancient cities of Caria region, once ruled by the Hecatomnid dynasty and protected by Zeus. Below are seven of those cities; whether to explore the complete history of Bodrum is up to you. Okumaya devam et

Artemis ve Apollon, Niobe'nin ölümü

Artemis ve Apollon, Niobe’nin ölümü

“Apollon ya da Artemis’in okuyla ölmek ansızın tatlı bir ölüme kavuşmak anlamına gelir.”

Azra Erhat, Mitoloji Sözlüğü Okumaya devam et